Our Mission:  To support the creation and improvement of the Coos Waterfront Park and Walkway

Our Priorities:  Advocacy and awareness of the access and connectivity issues involved and appreciation of this beautiful place and our working waterfront.

Board of Directors

Elizabeth Spona - Board Chair, President, and Founder


Elizabeth holds a BA in Ecology and Systematic Biology and BS in Nursing, and is a graduate of the Bay Area Ford Institute Leadership Program. She has had the opportunity to work in the non-profit land conservation, financial sales, and international surgical nursing arenas.  Elizabeth serves on the Advisory Board of the Coos Waterfront Park and Walkway, the City of Coos Bay Brownsfield Action Committee, the City of Coos Bay Boardwalk and City Docks Design Committee, and the Coos County Health and Wellness Healthy Eating Active Living Committee.


Elizabeth is a strong and articulate leader who is equally adept at working with stakeholders, the membership, and volunteers for a mutually satisfying outcome of project success.  "That bay takes my breath away.  It's a fascinating environment.  I love our working waterfront and believe that the citizens of the Coos Bay Area have a right of access to our spectacular bay front.  We all share the responsibility to care for this beautiful place."  “The Coos Waterfront Walkway is an economic development project.  Waterfront revitalization is the key to the Bay Area’s financial future.”


Skip Weston - Vice President



Meta-Ann Steele - Treasurer



Karen Gervais Weston - Secretary

Karen has a deep appreciation of nature, usually preferring to be outside enjoying flora and fauna.  Eventually, leading to her later in life success in the nursery trade for 20 years.  Do what you love and the rest will follow.


This love of nature and the outdoors lead her to CONNECT! the Boardwalks and their vision of improving the quality of life in Coos Bay/North Bend’s and appreciating all that it has to offer - one step at a time.




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